Performer/Presenter Sales

If you are performing or presenting at the 2020 Festival, it is possible for you to sell your books, CD’s and similar items at the event.

  • Performer/presenters – if you wish to sell CD’s, books and other items you personally have contributed to, you can share a table or 1/2 a table with other performer/presenters.
  • One table is 20,000 yen ($177.50US), 1/2 table is 10,000 yen for the entire Festival. One and two day rates are also a possibility if there is any space available.
  • The table is located in the foyer of the building outside the performance halls.
  • You are responsible for collecting payment for your items.
  • We take no responsibility for your items left unattended on the table during the Festival.
  • We will not do any advertising for you.