Alto Flute Competition Finalists

We have just received confirmation from all six of the finalists for the Alto Flute IMG_8488Competition at the International Low Flutes Festival. In alphabetical order they are:

Nicholas Buonanni – a doctoral candidate and teaching assistant at Michigan State University
Brian Dunbar – has a Doctorate from Louisiana State Univ. and on the faculty at Southern University and A&M College
Donivan Hill – a graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College
Yuko Hoshi – studied at Mushashino College of Music in Tokyo

Troy Paolantonio – in the Doctoral program at Catholic University and member of the US Army Fife and Drum Corps

Sarah Steranka – a graduate of Carnegie Mellon, performs with the Westmoreland Symphony in the Pittsburgh area.

They will perform at the Festival on Friday, April 6th from 11 to 1.

First round judges were European low flutists Milica Bogdanovic, Karin de Fleyt and Carla Rees.