The Festival will feature performances by many artists and groups. The Friday and Saturday evening concerts will feature our four Headliners. There will also be performances by many of our Guest Artists and Flute Choirs as well as the Professional Low Flutes Choirs. For information on the Performers and Flute Choirs see the Featured Artist tab, for information on the Flute Choirs’ programs see Flute Choir Performances.

The Alto Flute Competition

Festival attendees are invited to listen to the six finalists compete in the final round of the Alto Flute completion on Friday morning. For more information about the six finalists see Alto Flute Competition Finalists.


There will be a variety of workshop topics for a list of the topics and presenters see Workshops.

Sight-Reading Sessions

The Festival will have four sight-reading sessions for more information about these sessions and their directors see Sight-Reading Sessions.