Looking for a way to get Involved? Here are the ways you can Participate in the Festival.

Submit A Proposal

To submit a proposal please fill out the Proposal Form, available as a Word Document or a PDF (if you have problems with the documents please email us). Submit completed proposals to

Proposals for individuals and choirs will be accepted beginning May 1st 2019 and ending July 10th 2019.  Decisions will be made by August 10th 2019.

Proposals will be accepted in three areas: Coaching Sessions, Performances, and Workshops/Lectures. Please note, if your proposal is accepted, you will appear at the Festival at your own expense, including paying the registration fee and all hotel fees.

For Full Proposal Details go to Proposal Guidelines. We also have these guidelines in Japanese: 日本語

Professional Low Flutes Choir

The International Low Flutes Festival will feature a Professional Low Flutes Choir open by recorded audition. The first round can be an mp3 file attached to an email or, a link to a video recording on YouTube or to a dropbox. There is also a 3000 Yen application fee (about 27$US). Submission deadline is October 10th. For more information and the application form, see Professional Low Flutes Choir


Sakura and Farewell Choirs

The opening Sakura choir and the closing Farewell Choirs are open to everyone with no audition. The FAREWELL CHOIR is now full and we are not accepting any more applications. For more information, go to Sakura Low Flutes Choir.


Suggested Repertoire

If you are looking for something to perform here are pieces that we recommend.

Note: At the Festival, at least 50% of the flutes in an ensemble must be low flutes, or a low flute must be the featured soloist with a flute choir.

You can view this list organized by instrumentation or for pieces of specific difficulty see the links below.