Flute Choir Performances

Woodbridge Flute Choir – Director: Debbie Gilbert


  • Moonlight – Alexandra Molnar-Suhjada
  • Chocolate Mousse – Nancy Wood
  • Crucifixes – Antonio Lotti, arranged by Carla Rees
  • Contrafusion! – Paige Dashner Long
  • Hymnus – Julius Klengel, arranged by Paige Dashner Long
  • Groovin’ Low – Ali Ryerson
  • The Continuing Adventures of Dexter the Danger Donkey – Greg Lutz

ContraBand and Friends – Director: Paige Dashner Long

presented by the low flute sections of the Metropolitan Flute Orchestra, in summer residence at New England Conservatory, and Florida Flute Orchestra


  • Flutenado – Paige Dashner Long
  • Angelus! Priere aux Anges Gardiens (Prayer to the Guardian Angels) – Franz Liszt, arranged by Paige Dashner Long
  • Contrafusion! – Paige Dashner Long
  • Basin Street Blues – Spencer Williams, arranged by Ali Ryerson
  • Allegro moderato from London Trio No 1 – Franz Joseph Haydn, arranged by Paige Dashner Long
  • Some Low ‘n Slow Blues – Greg Lutz
  • Alone in the Rain – Steven Tung and Victor Wong
  • Metropolitan Contrairians – Jonathan Cohen
  • New Premiere by Laurence Dresner

Lower Realm – Director: Linda Kirkpatrick


  • Yankees Doodlin’ – Ali Ryerson
  • Greensleeves – Ali Ryerson
  • Hurry Up, Already! – Jonathan Cohen
  • Moods Swings – Jonathan Cohen
  • African Market – Jared Denhard

Rarescale Flute Academy – Director: Carla Rees


  • Crucifixus – Antonio Lotti, arranged by Carla Rees
  • Battalia a 10 in D Major – Henirich Biber, arranged by Carla Rees
  • Concerto Grosso Op 6 No 1 – George Frederick Handel, arranged by Carla Rees
  • Concerto in C Minor – Johann Sebastian Bach

Columbia Flute Choir Low Flute Ensemble – Director: Sharyn Byer


  • Voices from the Deep – Alexandra Molnar-Suhajada
  • Labyrinths of Lowness – Alexandra Molnar-Suhajada
  • The Alchemy of Earth – Alexandra Molnar-Suhajada
  • New Premiere by Alexandra Molnar-Suhajada

Desert Echoes Flute Project – Director: Christina Steffen


  • Illuminations on a Christmas Plainsong (Divinum Mysterium) – Nancy Nourse
  • On the Other World – Bob Freedman
  • Awareness Incoming – Bob Freedman
  • Symphony in Gold – Daniel Kessner
  • Temperaments – Daniel Kessner

Flute Street – Artistic Director, Nancy Nourse: Conductor, Lisa Jack


  • Quem Vidistis Pastores – Tomas Luis da Victoria, arranged by Nancy Nourse
  • Divertimento No 2 – Isaac Page (SOCAN’s young composer award 2017)
  • Chocolate Mousse – Nancy Wood
  • Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen
  • Libertango – Astor Piazolla, arranged by Gareth McLearnon

DC Low Flutes Ensemble – Directors: Aaron Goldman & Sandra Ragusa


  • Forbidden Valley – Wil Offermans
  • Morceau de Concours – Gabriel Faure – Aaron Goldman, soloist
  • Sigfrid Karg-Elert – Caprice #17, arranged by Albert Regni
  • Low Flutes at High Tide II – Matthias Ziegler

Music of Sophie Dufeutrelle – Conductor: Sophie Dufeutrelle, performed by Prof. Low Flutes Choir


  • Cholita
  • L’Ombre du Blanc
  • De Concert
  • Aurore Concerto, 1st mvmt. – Matthias Ziegler, contrabass soloist

Japanese Jazz Flute Big Band – Director: Yuko Hoshi & Soloist: Ali Ryerson


  • Sakura, Sakura – Japanese Folk Song, arranged by Yuko Hoshi
  • Sunayama – Shinpei Nakayama, arranged by Yuko Hoshi
  • Hamabe no Uta – Tamezo Narita, arranged by Yuko Hoshi
  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat – Charles Mingus, arranged by Konno Kenji
  • Blue Rond a la Turk – Dave Brubeck, arranged by Yuko Hoshi

Bach BeLow – Conductor: Peter Sheridan, performed by Prof. Low Flutes Choir


  • Brandenburg No. 6 – 3rd mvmt. Allegro, arranged by Margaret Lowe
  • Brandenberg No 3 – Allegro moderato, Adagio (improv by Ali), Allegro, arranged by Margaret Lowe

Works of Russell Scarbrough – Conductor: Russell Scarbrough, performed by Prof. Low Flutes Choir


  • Body Alive with Signals

Syrinx for Low Flutes arranged by Ali Ryerson – Director: Ali Ryerson, performed by members of the Prof. Low Flutes Choir

Low Flute Music from a Low Composer – Chief Instigator: Jonathan Cohen, performed by members of the Lower Realm Flute Ensemble


  • Deep Space Heatwave
  • Legend of Llyn Llech Owain
  • Other music on this program is small mixed ensembles