Flute Choirs

Japan Jazz Flute Big Band (JJFBB)japan-jazz-flute-big-band

JJFBB has been formed by Yuko Hoshi (flutist) since 2015 as the first jazz flute big band in Japan. They play jazz standards and Japanese traditional songs that mixes jazz. JJFBB invited Ms. Ali Ryerson and had concerts and master classes in Tokyo in 2016.

Desert Echoes Flute Project – Arizona – Director: Christina Steffan

DEFproject_10th_Anniversary_Low_Flutes_with_Christina_DSC00492 copy

Desert Echoes Flute Project (DEFproject) was founded in 2006 by Music Director Christina Steffen. The members are professional flutists, educators, college students and community musicians from the Phoenix metropolitan area. http://www.DEFproject.org

Flute Street

Flute Street – Toronto, Canada – Artisic Director: Nancy Nourse: conductor, Lisa Jack

Flute Street was founded in 2013 as the resident ensemble for Canada’s first national flute convention. Since then, they have delighted audiences with Canadian and Toronto premières and presenting collaborations with Les Flutistes de Montréal and guest artists such as Jean Louis Beaumadier, Kelly Via, and Peter Sheridan.

Columbia Flute Choir – DC area- Director: Sharyn Byer


Columbia Flute Choir, directed by Sharyn Byer, has been delighting Washington audiences since 1994, including at the White House and Kennedy Center.

Rarescale Flute Academy Choir – England – Director: Carla Rees

Formed by alto flute player, Carla Rees, in 2003, rarescale has gained an international reputation for new music for flute-based chamber ensemble. The group collaborates with composers of all styles and ages to develop new repertoire, and has an open call for scores.

Metropolitan Flute Orchestra (ContraBand) – Boston – Director: Paige Dashner Long

Metropolitan Flute Orchestra, Paige Dashner Long director, is in summer residence New England Conservatory in Boston, MA. This advanced ensemble has performed for prestigious events in New England, NFA conventions, and has presented many concert tours in Europe. Visit http://www.contraflute.com

Woodbridge Flute Choir – DC area – Director: Debbie Gilbert

The Woodbridge Flute Choir, Debbie Gilbert, director, is located in northern Virginia. The group has four CD’s, Woodbridge Suite, Passages, Silver Christmas and, Butterfly. See woodbridgeflutechoir.org.

Florida Flute Orchestra – Florida – Director: Paige Dashner Long

Florida Flute Orchestra, directed by Paige Dashner Long, is a select ensemble comprised of professional flutists from Florida. In addition to concerts in FL, the ensemble has performed during numerous NFA conventions and presented a concert tour in Provence.   www.contraflute.com

DC Flutes – DC area – Director: Laura Benning

DCFlutes Symphonic Flute Ensemble, founded in 2010, is the official flute ensemble of The Flute Society of Washington.

Lower Realm – DC area – Director: Linda Kirkpatrick

The Lower Realm is a low flute ensemble based in Maryland and directed by Dr. Linda Kirkpatrick. The Lower Realm is dedicated to playing music specifically written for low flute ensemble.