Hotel & Transit – Japan

Hotel Accomodations:

There are two nearby hotels where most people will be staying:

Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay


Urayasu Brighton Hotel Tokyo Bay Urayasu Brighton Hotel

We have NO reserved rooms at the hotel, but rooms are currently (5/19) very reasonably priced.

These hotels are right across the street from the Shin-Urayasu train station.

If you are lucky, the airline(s) that you choose to fly to Tokyo might have a package deal with one of our hotels, United does not appear to have any such arrangement.


From the Airports – The Festival location is between the Narita and Haneda Airports. It is 35 minutes by Airport Limousine bus from Haneda, 60 minutes from Narita. The bus is recommended over taking the train from the airports. This bus does not take reservations. When you get through Customs (allow 90-120 minutes to get out of the airport), look for the limousine bus counter before you exit the airport and purchase a ticket to the Shin-Urayasu Station. From Narita it is 1800 yen, from Haneda 1030 yen.  The limousine bus is orange. Alto and basses can go on board with you, contras and larger will go underneath. The bus stops at the Shin-Urayasu Train Station that is across the street from our two hotels. On your return to the airport, the bus leaves from the opposite side of the train station.

The train station in Chiba is Shin-Urayasu. Shin-Urayasu Station is served by the Keiyō Line between Tokyo and Soga, and by Musashino Line through services between Tokyo and Fuchūhommachi. The station is located 16.1 km from the western terminus of the line at Tokyo Station. From the airport, you would take the monorail to the Yamanote Line into Tokyo.

The Festival is at the Urayasu Concert Hall in Chiba.