Professional Low Flutes Choir

The International Low Flutes Festival will feature a Professional Low Flutes Choir open by recorded audition. It will be coordinated by George Pope.  Conductors are Russell Scarbrough and Sharyn Byer. There will be a rehearsal on Thursday evening, March 19th, so make your travel plans with that in mind. Please note the alto audition repertoire for the choir is very similar to the repertoire for the Alto Flute Competition. The recorded audition can be an mp3/4 file attached to an email or, a link to a video recording on YouTube or, to a dropbox. There is a 3000 yen (aprox. $27US) application fee. Instructions for payment are on the application form. You will submit the application form and mp3/4 or link to your YouTube video or dropbox to Submission deadline is September 10th, 2019.

  • Play any two movements of the J.S. Bach Partita in A Minor BWV 1013 not to exceed 5 minutes. Play on any low flute. No repeats. Any edition.
Audition is required on only one instrument. You will be able indicate on the application form if you can play other low flutes as well.
Please fill out the Application Form and submit a recording of the audition pieces. Please see Professional Low Flutes Choir Application Form for Payment details or use payment button below.

Professional Low Flutes Choir payment ¥3000

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