Solo & Chamber Music Performances

Brian Allred – Coulers du Vent by Sarriaho and Solo for Alto Flute by Lazarof.

Aura Duo – Nicholas Buonanni and Colton Wansitler – Variations on a Swedish Folk Tune by Dahl, The Last Word by Gary Schocker.

Elizabeth Buck and Magda Schwerzmann – Duo Hybrids – Jolivet’s Asceses 1 – 5 on alto alternating with pieces by Daniel Schnyder on bass, bass and c flute, bass and alto and bass with piano.

Catherine Bull – Luci by Donatoni and Santa Teresa by Aquino and Vasconcellos.

Lisa Cella – Light in Each One by Stuart Smith and Knot Theory by Christopher Burns.

Jonathan Cohen – Low Flute Music from a Low Composer  – Jonathon has corraled his friends to premier two new pieces – Ali’s Stowaway Caper with Ali Ryerson and One Ann Arbor Morn for c flute, alto and contra PLUS, Peter Sheridan appears for Spider from Just Below the Rainbow, and the Lower Realm choir performs his dynamite low choir pieces Legend of Llyn Llech Owain and Deep Space Heatwave.

Pamela De Sensi – Music from the Land of Extremes – Music from Iceland on alto, bass and contrabass.

A Concert of Music by Houston Dunleavy – Includes Music for Foul Play, Six Clumsy Dances and the Monster Triptych. Peter Sheridan makes the earth shake, assisted by members of the Desert Echoes Project.

Cobus de Toit – Misinterpreted Cries by Adams and Loess by Redmond both for bass flute and piano. A guitarist join’s the party with Takemitsu’s Toward the Sea.

Mariana Gariazzo – Polofonia Concreta by Marcelo Toledo.

Abraham Gonzalez – Primavera and Autumo by La Monaca and Nocturne by Kvandal.

Paige Dashner Long – ContraBand and Friends – Haydn Allegro Moderato from London Trio No. 1, Some Low And Slow Blues by Lutz, Alone in the Rain by Tung and Wong, Metropolitan Contrairians by Cohen, Dresner premier.

Phyllis Louke – she is still choosing repertoire

Troy Paolantonio – Jacques Casterede, Composer for ALL Flutes – Les Heures Calmes (originally for three violas) and Cinq Bagatelles for picc, c flute, alto, bass,  and contrabass. With Sonia Candelaria, Pam Daniels and Sharyn Byer.

Dan Parasky – Below the Stratosphere – Scarborough Fair by Kahkonen for alto and clarinet, Danzi Larghetto and Minuetto for c flute, alto, and bass, two movements from Cohen’s Just Below the Rainbow. With Cassandra Eisenreich.

Carla Rees –  is still choosing repertoire

Ali Ryerson – Headliner Concert – well, it could be ANYthing!

Russell Scarbrough’s – Flute Quartet – with Nan Raphael, Kathryn Scarbrough, Ali Ryerson and Wendy Stern.

Peter Sheridan – Headliner Concert – He’s got his pieces narrowed down to 25.

Gavin Stewart – Trapset by Meltzer, Antarctica by Elizabeth Brown, Clutch by Benjamin Tassie, Lied by Heinz Holliger.

Alexa Still – whatever she picks will be great!

Anna Svensdotter – Mirage by Bothen, Alpha Waves by Malin Bang, Tystnad (Silence) by Rosalind Page.

Suzanne Teng – Headliner Concert – All pieces by Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy

Kelly Mollnow Wilson – Skywriting by Christopher Lee, Minuet and Trio by Sedek, Morocco by Giovannini.

Matthias Ziegler – Headliner Concert – prepare to be amazed.